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May 8, 2006

Dear Boston Vegetarian Society List,

1) Cancer Prevention & Survival Cooking Classes in Boston
2) Online Cookbook - Vegan, low fat, 90% gluten-free, with photos!
3) Environmental Pollution from Animal Agriculture
4) Farm Sanctuary's Star-Studded Gala May 20
5) Vegan Statesmen - Kucinich & Slovenian President Drnovsek
6) Restaurant News - Sepal
7) Vegetarian Camps for Kids and Families
8) Free Museum Admission in May


The three series of vegan nutrition and cooking classes BVS has co-sponsored in the last month with Chef Tupolo and the Cancer Project have been absolutely wonderful! Now the series will be available in Boston, not with Chef Tupolo, but with Paulette Chandler, MD. (Read about Dr. Chandler at
Scroll to 2 PM) Classes are FREE and include a 10 minute nutrition video, cooking demonstration of 4-5 recipes, and sampling of dishes made.

LOCATION: Whole Foods (classes will be in the dining area) 181 Cambridge Street in the Charles River Plaza (near Mass General) Boston (Red Line T to Charles/MGH station)

5/10/06: Favoring Fiber
5/24/06: Discovering Dairy Alternatives
5/31/06: Replacing Meat
7/12/06: Planning Healthy Meals
7/19/06: Antioxidants and Phytochemicals
7/26/06: Immune-Boosting Foods


The Vitalita Culinary Group offers two free, on-line, vegan cookbooks with over 150 original, nutrient-dense recipes and photos of the dishes! Many are low fat, and over 90% of the recipes are gluten free and therefore suitable for persons with Celiac disease or those on a non-gluten diet.

Gluten is the protein portion of certain grains (wheat, spelt, kamut, barley, rye) that give an elastic, sticky, chewy quality to the dough. It can trigger an allergic reaction in people with gluten sensitivity, which some individuals may have to varying degrees. Celiac disease is a hereditary autoimmune disease of gluten intolerance. Learn more at . For those without gluten sensitivity, whole grain products and seitan (wheat gluten or "wheat meat") can be a delicious plant protein source in a varied diet.


Continuing with Earth Day month's focus on the environment, take a look at this photo gallery of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). See manure lagoons, hog waste being sprayed onto fields with runoff into woods and stream, dead hog roadside dump, diary waste spills and runoff, manure wheel spraying raw, untreated dairy sewage, and more.

If you missed our last E-news, here's more on animal ag's impact on the environment: (scroll to Effects on the Environment)


For a live, star-studded party, register by May 17 for Farm Sanctuary's 20th Anniversary Gala in NYC. On the scene will be Daryl Hannah, Heather Mills McCartney, Alicia Silverstone, Persia White, Paul Scorvino, Moby, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and many more.


Statesmen on the world scene who firmly and openly uphold principles of respect and compassion for animals and vegan living are a rare find. Known to many is U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), featured in the March/April '06 Veg News Magazine's Spectacular Vegan Weddings section for his betrothal last August to Elizabeth Harper. Now we can add the President of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovsek!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich's Statement on Animal Rights

Interview with President Janez Drnovsek about vegetarianism and animal rights


A favorite among many vegetarians for their Middle Eastern cuisine, Sepal in Watertown has closed its doors. The good news is that their tasty baked falafel can still be enjoyed at their new location in MIT's Stratton Student Center food court, second floor. The menu is not as extensive as in the restaurant, but you can still enjoy their mujadara and fabulous red lentil soup. Stop by and wish Walid well in his new location.


It's time to make plans for summer recreation, so here are some ideas!

Rowe Camp & Conference Center in Rowe, MA Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, Rowe offers summer camp for youth, teens, and adults. They invite you to "send your children to a fun, funky and accepting summer camp", and say, "We offer the freshest, healthiest, most attractive gourmet vegetarian food you can imagine."

Common Ground Family Camp in Starksboro, Vermont In a valley near the Green Mts. and Burlington lies a 700 acre camp for "adults and children of all ages grounded in the principles of respect, inclusiveness, and cooperation." "Our goal is to tread lightly on the land around us and operate in an environmentally responsible way." Food is vegetarian, organic, and locally grown where possible.

Omega Teen Camp in Rhinebeck, NY An alternative teen camp whose mission is "empowering teenagers to discover a more peaceful, joyful, and positive way to live in this world". Food is offered buffet style, with emphasis on vegetarian and vegan, but sometimes offers some meat.

Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA. On the picturesque campus of the U.of Pittsburgh in a mountaintop wildlife preserve. 5 days each July. This is a great experience for a parent-kid vacation, or for adults on their own. Special programs for children, youths and teens, while adults attend an array of seminars, cooking classes, and fun activities. Bountiful meals are all vegan.

The Global Youth Village in Bedford, VA An International Summer Camp Exchange Program Teens from approximately 15-20 different countries attend each summer. An experience in global citizenship filled with cultural exchange, new friendships, fun, and laughter. International dishes are prepared with natural foods and whole grains; vegetarian cuisine except for two non-veg items per three week session.

Camp Frenda in Port Carling, Ontario A vegetarian summer youth camp with fun activities for young people, ages 8 to 16. Affiliated with the Seventh-Day Adventists.

Annual Vegan Camp in the U.K. The 26th Vegan Camp this year will be on the South West coast of Scotland from August 5 - 19. Kids and adults (single, couples, or families) can stay for a few days or the whole two weeks at this camp, which uses different beautiful locations in the UK each year.


It's off topic, but if you or someone you know has a Bank America card or MBNA credit card, it's their "May is Museums on Us" promotion. Free admission to great museums on their list for cardholder and a guest!

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