Food Festival Wrapup, Thank You to Volunteers
October 23, 2007

Dear BVS listmembers and volunteers,
Perhaps the most frequent comment we get from exhibitors is praise for our Festival volunteers! 
We, the organizers for the 12th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, want to thank all of you who cheerfully and enthusiastically stepped forward to volunteer for an event that we know from past experience will be a turning point in the lives of many individuals, a launching pad for small vegan businesses, a solidifier of the veg community, and a contributor to mainstreaming compassionate, environmentally-friendly, healthy plant-based living.
Here is an example of exhibitor feedback we get:
"I'm sure you are being swamped with praise for such a successful Veg Fest this year, but Amie and I wanted to add to it a little bit.  This was our first event together ever doing baked goods for our new vegan business, and it was successful beyond our dreams.  Our success though clearly owes much to the beautifully organized festival and the kind, energetic, and very helpful volunteers.  We were not only thankful to have their assistance ourselves, but were really proud of the way they represented Boston to all of the out of town vendors--what a great impression to make.
We're really excited about moving forward with our business.  BVS Food Fest was a phenomenal place to make our start and we deeply appreciate you having an entry cost that made it possible for us to get our foot in the door.  Thanks again and congratulations!"
- Emilie Hardman, The Conscious Kitchen
Once again, thank you everyone who helped in any way to make our veg festival 2007 such a success!
2007 Organizing Committee:
Alex Chou, Debra Collura, Randall Collura, Kevin Coyne, Maysoon Hamdiyyah, Evelyn Kimber, Mark Patrick, Beverly Rich, Blakely Sullivan, Al Willis, and Melanie Wisner

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