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August 8, 2008
Hello Boston Vegetarian Society,
Here is a mix of news items for your interest!
  1. Boston Globe Magazine on Masao's Kitchen
  2. Plant Foods Help Preserve Muscle Mass
  3. Veg Recipes for Barbecues and Grilling
  4. Local Food Tips from Members
  5. Is Being a Vegetarian Important?
  6. Endorphin Release Time
For many years, Waltham's small gem, Masao's Kitchen, has been serving vegan, organic, stick-to-your-ribs foods that are whole, delicious, and allow you to leave feeling truly nourished. They recently got some well-deserved recognition:

Boston Globe Sunday Magazine
June 29, 2008

"Have your vegetables and your cake, too"
"Masao's Kitchen proves that even a meat lover can truly enjoy a vegetarian meal. The storefront restaurant on Moody Street in Waltham has gained a cult-like following, and after spending time there, I understand why."
See: (top item)


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
March, 2008

Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that are key to good health. A study by USDA Agricultural Research Service-funded scientists suggests plant foods also may help preserve muscle mass in older men and women. The study was lead at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts in Boston.

The typical American diet is rich in protein, cereal grains and other acid-producing foods, which generates tiny amounts of acid each day. With aging, a mild but slowly increasing metabolic "acidosis" develops, which appears to trigger a muscle-wasting response. Foods can be considered alkaline or acidic based on the residues they produce in the body, rather than whether they are alkaline or acidic themselves. For example, acidic grapefruits are metabolized to alkaline residues.

Full story:

Before the July 4th weekend, we provided info to on greening the holiday barbecue with veg recipes. With time for lots more cookouts this season, you might enjoy these recipes especially for barbecues and grilling. They sound delicious and fun.

And for whenever you are in need of a new idea, remember our recipe links page:
* Adrienne writes, "Just thought you should know that a new store opened at 28 Parmenter St. in the North End called 'Oh Naturale' with many good vegetarian and vegan options. Also, the owner will take any requests for specific foods you would like but that she doesn't carry and she will order them. Prices are similar to Whole Foods." Call them at 617-227-1123. They are very near the vegan, raw restaurant Grezzo, so you can combine visits!

* Edith writes, "For those traveling to New York City, my favorite vegan restaurant in Manhattan is Angelica's Kitchen on 12th Street off 2nd Avenue. I make sure that I enjoy at least one meal at their communal table where conversations readily flow." It's also organic! 300 E 12th St., 212-228-2909.
Here is a stimulating piece by Vegan Outreach's Matt Ball. It includes comments on free range/"happy meat," and the fact that Michael Pollan, who writes powerfully about the cruelties of factory farming in the NY Times Magazine and in The Omnivore's Dilemma, is not himself vegetarian.

"...Michael Pollan, quoted earlier, not only isn�t a vegetarian � he actively mocks the 'moral certainty' of vegetarians. He fabricates fantastic rationalizations to continue eating animals... Pollan is the perfect example of Cleveland Amory�s observation that people have an infinite capacity to rationalize, especially when it comes to something they want to eat.

"I believe there are more important things in life than accepting the status quo, following the norms of society, and taking the easiest path... Making our lives a part of something larger expands our life�s narrative, enriches our existence, and allows for real meaning and lasting happiness... Choosing to be a vegetarian makes a public, powerful, ethical statement � not just about the suffering of animals, but about the strength of our character." Read the full commentary:

* If you haven't already gotten this link from a dozen friends, it's truly a must-see video. Close to 11 million YouTube viewers can't be wrong. The video shows the reunion of Christian the Lion with the two men who had raised him as a cub. Be sure to have the sound on, and enjoy!

Here's what the hoax-busters at Snopes say about it -- and give background details on the story.

* Here is a powerfully moving clip from CNN News on July 23, 2008, worth a view.

Turtle love goes beyond grave
A popular oceanic visitor of Laniakea Beach, Hawaii paid his respects to his murdered Hawaiian Sea Turtle friend. "Nature teaches us a lesson on life," says the reporter.

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