Festival Wrap-Up!
November 2, 2009

Hello all in BVS,

Our volunteer organizing team felt exhilarated rather than exhausted after the weekend Festival, and that is a very good sign. Here is one comment that came in from an attendee:

"What a super Major Success. It was a blast to attend, as it is EVERY YEAR. The TWO DAY EVENT was spectacular. It is the greatest event in the entire city, all year. Bravo, bravo, bravo to you all ! ! ! ! !"

The Festival having made the home page of boston[dot]com and mass[dot]gov, it does seem that our vegan event has become an institution.

We express tremendous appreciation to our speakers, exhibitors, attendees, and our volunteers.

Some of the standout volunteers who have offered their ongoing labor and talent to BVS and the Festival include Alex Chou, Louis D'Angio, Mark Eisenberg, Jenny Goeden, Marty Haller, Marie Hoyt-Pariury, Willa Jarnagin, Holly Johnson, Holly Pearson, Luke Rigas, and many others.

We made great progress with our recycling efforts! Comparing Saturday at this year's Festival to Saturday of last year's Festival, we recycled 3-4 times the amount for the one day, thanks to our energetic team of recycling volunteers.

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival Organizing Committee:

Julie Correia
Kevin Coyne
Andrea Eisenberg
Maysoon Hamdiyyah
David Havelick
Evelyn Kimber
Mark Patrick
Beverly Rich
Blakely Sullivan
Jeoff Tardiff
Bronwyn Williams