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September 9, 2010

Hello Boston Vegetarian Society,

As someone pointed out, we are now able to say that the 15th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is next month!  We've got a LOT of work to do before Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 30 & 31, but we have high hopes that the event will introduce many new people to the whys and hows of veg living and allow them to learn about the wide range of plant-based foods that are available in the marketplace and where to find them.

*  Can you volunteer at the festival?  It can't happen without you!  It's a great feeling to be part of the team that makes this event happen.  Volunteer signup here:

*  boston. com is running a nice promo for the festival!

(The pictured chef is from a previous year.  We'll post this year's list soon.)

*  Please help us publicize the Festival!  Here is a page of handsome banners to choose from:

Here are our Festival fliers and leaflets to print and distribute, please!

*  See our page of 2010 Principal Sponsors - some much appreciated old friends and some brand new first timers.  This is a page in progress, so check back from time to time.

*  Soon you will see our Festival subway and bus ads on the Red, Orange, and Green lines and various bus lines.  If you missed our late spring ad campaign of subway and bus ads, AND our six foot wide "bus tails," you can see them here. Click on the ad to see photos of the ads in action!

*  Board member Blakely Sullivan has created a BVS Facebook page where she posts BVS events and news.  Check it out:

*  Stop by our exhibitor table this Sunday at the Pet Rock Festival in Worcester.  It is a fun outdoor event to raise funds for companion animal charities and raise awareness about animal protection issues. Years ago BVS met with Pet Rock organizers to drop their sausage/burger/hot dog vendors and make the Fest all vegetarian, and they graciously agreed.  Now in addition to their veg carnival fare, BVS brings in a few vegan food vendors each year, and Pet Rock proudly promotes their veg status!

*  The fall outreach season is becoming as busy for us as the spring outreach season, with invitations from many green expos and health fairs in the area.  Look where we'll be exhibiting one or both days each weekend this month!

*  Sat., Sept. 18 - A special plug for the Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Rescued Dog Celebration of the all-volunteer-run Medfield Animal Shelter.  Event organizers contacted BVS and asked for help in introducing vegan concepts of compassion to all animals through our food choices to the folks who will attend their event because they love dogs.  Thanks to Holly, Elaine, and Lindsay, who will be preparing and serving free vegan samples of beefless tips, chickun salad, and mini-cupcakes to win over the crowd!  Stop by for fun and dogs!  Details at

Well, enough about us.

*  Speaking of dogs, I'll close with something to bring you a smile or LOL about a very smart dog.  View the first 53 seconds:

*  Speaking of cupcakes, the New York Times featured on 9/6/10 an amazing article:

"... the reputation of vegan eating got a much-needed public-relations lift this summer from an unlikely place — the Food Network’s popular new show 'Cupcake Wars.' ...
But what was different abut Ms. Coscarelli’s Food Network triumph was that it didn’t rely on health or dietary benefits, or sympathy for animals, to promote the virtues of vegan food. Instead, the vegan cupcakes just tasted better."

Note:  We are planning a Vegan Holiday Baking class in December!  Assured to be amazing.  Details TBA.