2012 Boston Vegetarian Food Festival Sponsors & Exhibitors

Organized and presented by the
Boston Vegetarian Society

Thinking of sponsoring or exhibiting at the Festival?
Email us for Sponsor and Exhibitor information, giving your company name, product, and website.
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The Boston Vegetarian Society thanks our

Principal Sponsors

Boston Organics

Boston Organics
Cedars Logo

Cedar's Mediterranean
Earth Balance
Earth Balance
E/The Environmental Magazine
E Magazine

Gardein Garden Protein
Harvest Cooparative Supermarkets

Harvest Cooperative Markets

The Boston Vegetarian Society thanks our

Major Sponsors

Sunshine Burgers


Vegetarian Resource Group

The Boston Vegetarian Society thanks our


Cafe Indigo

Café Indigo
Cafe Indigo

Laffa Vegetarian

Mary's Gone Crackers

May Wah Vegetarian Market



2012 Exhibitors

This is a great opportunity to try lots of free samples and do your shopping at show discounts!  Many exhibitors can accept cash only, so come prepared.  Bring your reusable shopping bags, and please also bring your reusable water bottle so that we can reduce waste at our Festival! Free water will be dispensed in the main entry lobby to refill your bottle.  Please use the recycling and composting containers throughout the exhibitor room.

A.K.A. Marvelicious
Amazing Grass
American Vegan Society
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Arbonne International
Authentically You! Power Snacks
Back to the Roots
Biena Foods
Blue Nile Ethiopian
Bold Organics
Book Publishing Company
Boston Organics
Boston Temple SDA
Boston Vegetarian Society
Breakwind Farm
Café Indigo
Caroline Cottage
Cedar's Mediteranean
Chelsea Fire Hot Sauce
Coconut Bliss
Common Ground Center
Compassion Company
Compassion Couture
CORE Foods
Cousin Mary Jane
Daiya Foods
Dosa Factory
E Magazine (no table)
Earth Balance
El Recreo Estate Coffee
Field Roast Grain Meat
For the Animals Sanctuary
Four Paws International
Gardein Garden Protein
Gerbs Gourmet Seeds
Get Vegucated
Good Neighbors Specialty Foods
Harvest Cooperative Markets
Honest Tea
House Rabbit Network
Humane Society of the U.S.
Humane Mass
Iskcon Boston
Jyoti Natural Foods
Kathie's Kitchen
Laffa Vegetarian
Leap Organics
Like No Udder
Maple Farm Sanctuary
Mary's Gone Crackers
Massachusetts Animal Coalition
Mass Animal Rights Coalition
May Wah Vegetarian Market
Mercy for Animals
Micah Publications
Nature’s Path
Navitas Naturals
Norma's Catering
Nutting Farm
Nyota's Ting
Ocean Approved
Pansy Maiden
Pay Per View
Peace O' Pie
Peanut Butter & Company
Pioneer Valley Vinegar Works
Plant Fusion
Power of 3 Nutrition
Pukka Herbs
Pulsin' Bar
Rescue Chocolate
Runa Tea
Sabertooth Bakery
Science of Spirituality
Snooty Jewelry
Soya Foods
Speakers / Authors Books
Sudo Shoes
Sunshine Burger
Taft Foodmasters
Tasty Bite / Preferred Brands
The Herbivore Clothing Co.
The Humane League
The Vegetarian Resource Group
The Word - The Universal Spirit
Theo Chocolate
Tofu Town North America
Ultima Health Products
United Poultry Concerns
Upton's Naturals
Vegan Cuts
Vegan Mashup (2nd floor)
Vegan Proteins
Vegan Treats
Veggie Galaxy / Veggie Planet
Vermont Soy
Way Better Snacks
Wellness Foods / The Simply Bar
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
World Animal Net

Product donations: 
Amir’s Catering Mediterranean Foods
Dr. Kracker natural whole grain artesian flatbreads
Manatoba Harvest Hemp
No Voice Unheard book Ninety-Five
Parma! Vegan Parmesan cheese
Spaaks vegan chocolates