Outreach & Education

A speaker giving a talk at Veg Food Fest

Educational Outreach

BVS does educational outreach at community events around Boston and beyond. We do information tables at events at the State House, at culinary expos, at children’s expos, at environmental festivals, at college and university events, and at Earth Day festivals. BVS participates in a variety of heath and green fairs, walk-a-thons, fund-raiser fairs for animal charities, and other events.

Social Media

BVS has a Facebook page with items of interest to the local veg community, such as veg restaurant openings, and relevant breaking local and national news about health, the environment, and animals.

BVS Instagram page and Twitter page are most active leading up to and during our Festival:

Ads Promoting Vegetarianism

Ad: Do it for someone you love. Tonight, make it vegetarian.
BVS runs ads promoting vegetarianism in the metro region mass transit. We do interior ads on MBTA subway cars and buses, big station platform ads, and six foot wide exterior ads on bus tails. These draw people to the How To Go Veg and other resource pages on our website.

Media Coverage of Vegetarian Issues

BVS actively seeks media coverage of vegetarian issues, and frequently serves as a resource for local, regional, and national television, radio, and print media. For example, BVS was interviewed for these Boston Globe articles:

6 Questions: Read a Q & A with BVS and the Boston Globe. 

Information About Vegetarianism

BVS provides information and resources to callers of all kinds—students doing term papers, foreign visitors seeking veg contacts, parents seeking advice on cooking for veg kids, diners seeking restaurant recommendations, aspiring vegetarians seeking guidance, and more.

Window Displays

BVS does display windows in stores and in some local public libraries.