Food Fest Reviews

Boston Veg Food Fest 2017 vendor

Aww, we’re blushing! But please read these unsolicited comments from our past sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees.

“Thank you so much for the flawless and the most amazing event! We love working with you and are very thankful for this awesome show! Thank you for yet another year of the most enjoyable show in Boston and beyond!”
—Julia Teren, Thesis Beauty, Exhibitor

Thank you to the entire team at Boston Veg Food Fest. The weekend filled my cup – it was my happy place. Incredible job! I was so amazed by the kindness and generosity of the volunteers who helped me assemble my booth. Every time I needed help, I found it. The energy was fantastic!! Until next year!”
Nirva Patel, Farm Sanctuary, Major Sponsor

“Thank you for a fabulous VegFest! We had a blast, met some great people, and made a lot of contacts. Your volunteers were amazing and so helpful throughout the two day event. An outstanding event! Can’t wait until next year!”
—Nanci Gelb & Terri Tsagaris, Off Our Rocker Cookies, Exhibitor

“Wow. What an amazing weekend surrounded by such wonderful exhibitors and attendees. We’re so happy with how it went. We made incredible connections and loved being there. We do events like this all across the country but have never experienced such kind and helpful event staff. From the moment we arrived to set up to the moment we broke down at the end of the weekend, the friendly smiling faces of all of the volunteer staff were always there to offer help and support. We’re already excited for next year’s event!”
Sam Morris, Sam’s Soulutions Plant-Based Beauty, Major Sponsor

“I had an amazing first time vending at the Boston Veg Food Festival! For my first time I didn’t know what to expect but by the end my expectations were passed! The vendors and staff were welcoming and warm like a hug from a loved one. You can expect to catch me there again!”
Derek Duran-Elmudesi, Ran Remedy, Exhibitor

“I was an exhibitor at BVFF last year and had a blast! I would love so much to join in on the fun again!”
—Jenny Foley, Hyde Nor Hare, Exhibitor

“This was a wonderful event! It was our first year with a table, and we are very grateful to your team for organizing an amazing festival! A big kudos to the volunteers, who were all very friendly and helpful. We had so many great conversations and were heartened by the interest in the welfare of our rescued farm animals, and the importance of showing kindness and compassion for all. We will definitely be back next year!”
Jennifer D’Angelo, Unity Farm Sanctuary, Principal Sponsor

“I must thank ALL the volunteers. Great people…they really put their soul into helping out. I have not seen such dedication. The crowd was very polite. Very busy as you said. Please keep me on your mailing list. I am interested in attending this and any other event organized by you.” 
Deepak Mehta, The Vegantry, Principal Sponsor

“This is such an awesome show. In my 30 years of doing health shows, this is the most responsive crowd we have ever had. Your Festival is a great marketing tool! This is the best way to introduce our product to consumers. We had excellent results at your event! Thank you for all your work and giving us this opportunity to be there again.”
— Carroll MacIntosh, Evergreen Juices, Exhibitor

“We just registered for our first BVFF as a vendor! I’ve been going to the BVFF for years and am so excited to be a participant. I always tell people that the BVFF is really my Christmas—my favorite event of the year.”
Ben Taylor, Uprise Foods, Exhibitor

“It was my first time being a part of this event as an exhibitor and I would love to come back again and again. The ambience and environment was exceptional. Thank you for bringing so many like-minded people together and for the opportunity to showcase my brand. Looking forward to many more years to come.”
Dynasty Harris, 2 Curls 1 Mission, Exhibitor

Thank you so much for having BFP at your amazing event. Things went very well, and we were able to spread a lot of awareness about our cause. Many people pledged to go cruelty free, made donations, and joined our email list. We even met some people who wanted to foster animals with us! We are so grateful to you, and to everyone involved in this fantastic event. Thank you for helping us spread the word and save more lives!”
Kaitlyn Morris, Beagle Freedom Project, Exhibitor

“I had a great time. Please pass along my thanks to all the volunteers and staff – they were all so helpful & did a great deal of hard work and they all had smiles on their faces every time I saw them. They were a big part of what made the event so terrific.”
—Charles Christiansen, The Plant Deli, Exhibitor

“I take the T and bus every day to work and I’ve been seeing the Boston Veg Food Fest ads everywhere! It’s awesome.”
 Caroline Angele, Boston Organics, Principal Sponsor

“We would love to be a part of the Boston Veg Food Fest again! It was amazing last year and we really enjoyed it!”
Adam J. Bauman, Bauman’s Best Botanicals, Exhibitor  

“Great success! A lively and enthusiastic crowd—wall to wall people—great energy. The best turnout so far! The location was ideal. It was great!”
— David Doctorow, Whole Foods Market, Principal Sponsor

“This festival is one event we at Harvest Co-op look forward to every year, not only to introduce our stores to many new customers, but also to learn what’s new in vegetarian foods. The Boston Vegetarian Society runs a great event. They do a great job of providing us with a great venue to communicate with potential customers and suppliers—and it’s fun!”
—Chris Durkin, Harvest Co-op Markets, Principal Sponsor

“I didn’t expect the amount of great customer feedback we got after the Festival!! Customers were coming into our store with shopping lists of foods they had tasted at the show, asking us where to find them in our store!”
— Melanie Marken, Wild Harvest, Major Sponsor

“I was looking for places to promote my product;  everywhere I asked I was told, “You’ve GOT to be in Boston!  It’s the BEST!”  I flew from California to exhibit there, and had a fabulous experience at the Festival.  It exceeded by far even my highest expectations.”
 Kirk Hamilton, Prescription 2000, Principal Sponsor

“It was a great success for us. It was very impressive. I was thrilled by all of the help you gave us. Loved the crowd. Loved everything about it. We couldn’t have been happier, and it seemed like a lovely event from the point of view of the public. I have nothing but good things to say about the event, the hard-working volunteers, and the great crowd.”
 Jon Hainer, Peanut Better, Principal Sponsor

“We had a great time, great response, and great sales! We sold out our weekend’s supply on the first day, and had to restock for Sunday, and sold out again. We felt like rock stars!”
— Chuck McGonagle, Crazy Camel Dessert Hummus

“Our sales reps have been screaming for us to do this event again!”
— Wes Crain, President, Navitas Naturals, Exhibitor

“We gave out more samples in three hours at your show than we did in three days at the Natural Products Expo East. It was a really positive experience. We got great feedback and a terrific response. We’ve already gotten a lot of emails about ordering from us online. We can’t wait to be back next year, and we’ll bring more!”
— Micheline Cummings, Moo-Cluck, Corp., Exhibitor 

“The response we got was phenomenal — we figured that we sold a unit every 3 minutes! Thanks for putting this show together.”
— Therese Legere, Legere Nutritional Foods, Exhibitor

“I tell everyone about your show – it is truly the best show in terms of audience enthusiasm that I have been too. I tell everyone that when you say bring more samples and supplies than you think you’ll need – that is so very true.”
— Michael Carr, Vermont Soy, Sponsor

“It was a pleasure participating in the Festival this weekend. We had a wonderful time and were astounded by the attendance and energy.”
— T. Hogan, Tom’s of Maine, Principal Sponsor

“This truly is our favorite event of the year.” 
— Patti Dann, Cafe Indigo, Principal Sponsor

“Boston is an amazing event for a lot of reasons, one of which is that it is the biggest single day of sales we have all year, including our Christmas sales.”
— Josh Hooten, Herbivore, Exhibitor

“Now that we’re online we can track where people are clicking in from. Every day we get quite a few coming straight from your site :))  Thanks so much for the support!!”
Scot Fitzsimmons, Sudo Shoes, Principal Sponsor

“I was blown away by how productive this fest was for Vegan Outreach. The table was consistently busy, and we signed up a number of new volunteers to take part in our advocacy efforts. We will definitely be back in the future. Kudos to everyone at the Boston Vegetarian Society for such a well-organized and thriving festival!”
— Jon Camp, Executive Vice President, Vegan Outreach, Exhibitor

“I’m sure you are being swamped with praise for such a successful Veg Fest this year, but Amie and I wanted to add to it a little bit.  This was our first event together ever doing baked goods for our new vegan business, and it was successful beyond our dreams.  Our success though clearly owes much to the beautifully organized festival and the kind, energetic, and very helpful volunteers.  We were not only thankful to have their assistance ourselves, but were really proud of the way they represented Boston to all of the out of town vendors–what a great impression to make.  BVS Food Fest was a phenomenal place to make our start and we deeply appreciate you having an entry cost that made it possible for us to get our foot in the door.  Thanks again and congratulations!”
 Emilie Hardman, The Conscious Kitchen, Exhibitor

“I love this show!”
— Carol Debberman, Sunshine Burger Corp., Sponsor

“Thank you to the Boston Vegetarian Society for organizing such a wonderful event. It was extremely beneficial for Satya, and we were proud to be sponsors of the festival. Even though it just ended, we’re already looking forward to being there next year!”
— Eric Weiss, Satya Magazine, Major Sponsor

“Fantastic! The energy of the festival was really powerful—an incredible flow—so alive—I just felt the place was buzzing! A really great crowd! I sold out by 3:30! Your staff was on top of everything—this was more professionally run than a show I did at the Hynes Convention Center costing ten times as much!”
— Ann Robinson, Fresh by Nature, Exhibitor

“I wanted to thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful festival!  It was superbly organized, packed with a wonderful energy, and there was a real curiosity among all comers. You have by far the most exciting and vibrant conference that I go to—and I go to a LOT of conferences!!”
— Martin Rowe, Lantern Books, Sponsor

“We had heard it was a great show, but having been there, it exceeded our expectations and now we wouldn’t miss it!” 
— Robb Wagg, Manatoba Harvest Hemp Foods, Sponsor

“It was a wonderful experience being part of the BVFF this year, and I was gratified with the terrific response from the audience and pleased that the books sold well, too. I want to commend you on a great job in putting the festival together. I was totally impressed with everything and astounded at the huge crowds. Wow!”
— Robin Robertson, Chef and Cook Book Author, Speaker

“Thank you for the fabulous Food Festival. I have to tell you how much I appreciate the enthusiasm, the unbelievable amount of work that I know all the volunteers put in, and your support in our participation. Even the crowd was great. I never dreamed we would run out of hand-outs. I took more with me than I ever thought we’d need and watched everything disappear. I was in one of your sponsor’s stores on the morning after the show, and the manager was still high. We couldn’t get over what a great time it was. Needless to say, everyone in our organization is looking forward to next year.”
— Sandy Glassman, Science of Spirituality, Exhibitor

“Fantastic!!! By early afternoon we were sold out and had to go back to our plant for more supplies!”
— Ademar Reis, Boston Cookies, Exhibitor

“Great! Just let us know when the next one is! Would you consider doing this Festival twice a year?”
— Eileen Moriarty, Health Trip Foods, Exhibitor

“Tiring, but fun! Felt we were really ‘getting to the people’. You got the word out—turnout for the show was terrific! (as usual)”
— Mona Young, Smoke & Fire Natural Foods, Exhibitor

“I was extremely impressed with your event and the consumer feedback we received from attendees.”
— Kirstin Everard, former Manager, Event Marketing Department, Balance Bar Company

“The BVFF was fabulous! The crowd was huge, and had more energy and interest than any other veg event I attended this year!”
— Joe Connelly, Editor of VegNews, Exhibitor

“Thank you for yet another referral. At least once a week I get a call from someone we saw at the Food Fest! We have spent money in advertising in many different venues (print, web sites, etc.) equal to the amount we spent to exhibit at the Boston Veg Food Festival. Nowhere else have we seen the return as we have seen from the Food Fest. We built our mailing list on that one day! Especially for a new business like ours, the ability to be seen by so many in our target market was priceless.”
— Amy Mastronardi, Hippie Chick Bakery, Exhibitor

“Great! Excellent response.”
— Lori Anderson, Annie’s Homegrown & Tamarind Tree, Exhibitor

“I love this event! It’s the only event that’s both SMALL and LARGE…small enough to get to see everything, but large enough that it gets PACKED with attendees.”
— Stacy Jill, Stacy’s Pita Chip Company, Exhibitor

“We had a wonderful time participating at this year’s Festival.  Thanks for all your wonderful assistance in getting our business to blossom.”
— Darren Cohen, Big Dipper Bakery, Exhibitor

“I just want to say the Food Festival was just awesome and an obvious success.  WOW!!  I’m very happy to be a part of it and look forward to next  year.  We had a great experience.”
— Judy DelNino, Arbonne International, Exhibitor

“After my presentation, I was constantly tracked down, buttonholed & cornered by motivated, curious citizens with questions. I answered more nutrition questions in four hours than I ever have in a whole day of my life, I believe!”
— Bob LeRoy, R.D., M.S., Nutrition Speaker

“Wow!!! This food fest poster is HUGE!!! Of course I have seen the ads on the subway cars, but this station ad is amazing!!! Great exposure! I loved this billboard so much I had to get a photo and have forwarded it to everyone in my contact list. I’m so excited! This festival is the highlight of my year every year. I wait all year for this!”
Joanne Paul, BVFF Volunteer

“Our six year old is very excited about trying so many fun treats! We consider it the best day of the year.”
Sherri Sklarwitz, Attendee

“The Festival was wonderful! I learned so much! The program was diverse, the speakers knowledgeable and approachable, and to top it all off, it was fun!”
— Karen Waite, Attendee

“I immediately used the information I got at the Festival—I went apple picking with my list (from the Mass Dept of Food and Agriculture booth), and bought some great new products!”
— Lisa Kalner, Attendee

“Kudos to another great food fest this past year.  You once again did a fabulous job in running the event.  We’ve been in New England for two years now, and really appreciate the help in finding vegan resources.”
— Rich Leonard, Attendee

“Thank you for letting me support and participate in BVFF. I think this is one of the best things Boston offers to the world. BVS has my undying praise for pulling this off every year.”
— Charlie Behrens, BVFF Volunteer

“We come from Connecticut to attend the festival, and I put in for the day off from work ten months in advance. For my wife and I, it’s our favorite day of the year! It’s Christmas and both our birthdays all rolled into one!”
— Scott Walker, Attendee

“The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival was absolutely amazing!  It was possibly the best festival I’ve ever been to. And that includes music festivals.”
 Robert Stark, Attendee

“Thank you for doing the subway ads. They started everything for me. I went to your festival, and what I saw and heard there put me on the path to being vegan. Seeing all the foods that we can eat, and all the restaurants, showed that it is easy to be vegan. The speakers and everyone there just seemed happy!”
—Carol Manson, Attendee

“It’s not just about the food at the Festival – which is incredible – it’s about the connections you make there – the lectures, the people – it’s transformative. The festival solidifies all the information, whether you are beginning the journey or have been veg a long time.”
—Mitch Jacobson, M.D., Attendee

“My sister and I are from Maryland, and we attended the festival for the first time, and it was fantastic (off the chain). I learned about the festival while flying with American Airlines in their on-flight magazine. I have been a veg*n for over 25 years, and my sister was eating poultry and fish before attending the festival. She has now decided to follow a vegan diet. The speakers were awesome, very informative, comical, and not the least bit boring. I learned a lot even though I’ve been veg for a long time. I was introduced to new products that are not yet available in this area, and I was able to get contact information for those vendors. This is a very worthwhile event, and I’m glad I came. Oh, and we had a ball sampling all the different foods.”
 Clarice B. Pemberton-Cook, Attendee