Kids’ Activity Room

piglet and lamb

For Kids

The Kids’ Activity Room is on the Reggie Lewis Center 2nd Floor.

Children accompanied by their guardians can take a break and have a good time. (This is not a drop-off center.) Crafts, face painting, thematic children’s books, storybook time, and more!

Staffed hours are Saturday noon-5 pm and Sunday noon-3 pm.

Storybook Readings: Saturday at 2 PM and Sunday at 1 PM

Join others for story time! A co-founder of Vegan Publishers, Christen Mailler, and her daughter Lena, will both read stories from the childrens’ books that they publish, including  Junebug: No Life Too Small (2020).

Christen is an artist and author with a BFA from the Tufts School of The Museum of Fine Arts. She spent many years working with kids and running after-school programs in and around the Boston area.

Happy Animals: Friends Not FoodBook cover, Junebug, no life too small, by Nicole Daniels

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