Boston Veg Food Fest

Please read the City of Boston Temporary Food Application Process.

Temporary Food Service Application Form PDF

Please fill in the City of Boston Temporary Food Service Application Form. Save the completed form to your computer, then upload it to our festival application form using the Browse feature in the application form. Check to make sure your answers show.

We will take care of getting the permit for you. You will not get a paper permit; your name will be on the health inspector’s list.

For exhibitors of open food or beverage, the city’s $35 permit fee will be added to your festival application.

Exhibitors of food or beverage that is commercially sealed and prepackaged, and not opened in any way before leaving your table, need to fill in and submit the permit form, but the $35 city fee is not required.

NON-Boston-based exhibitors of open food need to submit the license from the city/town where they are licensed.